When I look into the eyes of an animal,

I do not see an animal.

I see a living being.

I see a friend.

I feel a soul.

—Anthony Douglas Williams

Willowrock Pet Cemetery has been in business since July, 1992.  We offer burials and cremations, both private and communal, plus a large selections of urns and other memorial products. We are dedicated to providing pet owners with dignified and compassionate care.  Being pet owners ourselves, we can provide respectful understanding of your loss and assistance in helping you through this difficult time.

The pet cemetery is located 12 kms southwest of Beaverlodge, a thirty minute drive west of Grande Prairie. It provides a permanent, peaceful and private setting where your pet can be laid to rest with the dignity befitting one who gave you a lifetime of devotion. You are encouraged to visit as often as you please, to spend a few moments reminiscing and treasuring the memories of a loyal and loving friend.

We have constructed a small building which holds three walls of corkboard, which we call the Memory Board.  You are encouraged to bring photos, poems, pet tags, personal stories or other remembrances you would like to share and pin them to the board.

The rows of plots in the cemetery have raised beds which contain the grave markers and have been planted to creeping thyme.  If you would like to take some of the thyme home with you to grow in your yard as a remembrance, ask and some will be potted up for you free of charge.

If you wish to use our services, you can call us direct or make arrangements through your veterinary clinic. For your convenience, pet pick-up can be arranged from the veterinary office.

Willowrock Pet Cemetery is privately operated by people who understand the unique relationships of animal lovers to their pets. We want you to choose only those services which you are comfortable with.

If you require additional information on any of our services, including the current burial or cremation price list, please contact us.