Pickup/Delivery Service: We offer pickup services Monday-Friday from Grande Prairie and Area vet clinics for a fee of $35.00, and from West County Vet Clinic for $20.00. We also offer delivery back to your vet clinic free of charge.


Private Cremation Price: This price includes your pet’s cremains returned in a plastic bag, inside a cloth bag, inside of a cardboard box. An urn may be purchased for an additional cost. For a full list of products with prices see our Products page. GST not included


Under 3lbs: $60.00

3-25lbs: $90.00

25-50lbs: $110.00

50-75lbs: $130.00

75-100lbs: $150.00

100-125lbs: $170.00

125+lbs: $190.00


Burial Price: There is an additional $50.00 charge which is refundable within one year if you supply a grave marker. Otherwise, the $50.00 is used to purchase a small plaque with your pet’s name engraved on it that is placed at the head of the plot.


2′ x 4′ plot: $350.00

Burial of Cremains: $150.00

Horse Burial: $550.00